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Sharif Innovation Station was established in August 2018 with an area of 27,000 square meters to create a suitable platform for the establishment of new companies, startups, accelerators, research and technology funding, and all companies active in the technological ecosystem of the country.

The major mission of this station is to facilitate the entry of Iranian entrepreneurs into the field of the domestic technological ecosystem. According to the presence of successful companies in various business fields in this complex, it has become possible to create a widespread communication network and define a joint working project among the activists in this field.

According to the factors including having appropriate facilities and various services in the field of business, being in Sharif Innovation Station, compared to other commercial and administrative centers, provides the possibility of optimal cost management and organizational growth and development opportunities for based companies.

Facilities such as an amphitheater, sports grounds, cafe and restaurant, public green space, private parking, proximity to the metro station as well as suitable location have enabled the based companies to access many of the required facilities and have the possibilities of commuting.

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