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Established collections

Sepehr Fund

Sepehr Research and Technology Fund is a venture capital fund that tries to make it easier to promote culture-based activities by playing an economic role in

Hamrah Mechanic

Hamrah Mechanic Company, as the founder of a new method of buying and selling cars, started to work in 2013 with the slogan "Buy safely, sell easily".


pinket is a system for "buying and delivering groceries from chain stores". After identifying one of the chain stores around and reviewing and selecting products

Rahbar Zistbom Kasbokar Sharif Company

a privately held company, has started working as a private organization in September 2016 to support and strengthen knowledge-based companies and provide empowering

Irancell Labs

Irancell, the first and largest digital operator in Iran, by launching an Innovation Center, tries to move in the direction of expanding diverse services

Resana Accelerator

Resana is an accelerator in the field of culture, art, and media and is supported by the Radio and Television Organization


We have had many years of hard work since we won the second mobile operator auction. We have always tried to provide innovative services and products following the latest technologies in the world

Digital content ecosystem of abre zendegi

It has been formed to integrate all components involved in the entrepreneurial process, its development, and identifying the skills and capabilities of the country.

Tabesh (Tose’e Ertebatat Bazar Sharif)

The company (Tabesh) identifies, evaluates, serves, and empowers knowledge-based companies and approved technologies

Specialized Accelerator of tavan va andishe noavar (Tavaana)

Tavaana Accelerator, as a specialized drug and supplement accelerator, has started to work in the field of medicine, supplements, vaccines, and natural products since early 2020.


PersisGene Accelerator started in 2016 with the investment of the private sector and the support of the Vice‑Presidency for Science and Technology as the accelerator of the country's medical biotechnology.

Innoone Accelerator

Innoone Accelerator has started its activities to support innovative projects, startups, and knowledge-based companies in the fields of artificial intelligence and data mining.

National Elite Foundation

The National Elite Foundation operates as a governing body in the field of policy-making and planning for elite communities for the growth and promotion of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ouxin Accelerator

The Ouxin Group specializes in e-commerce. The core of this complex consists of experienced and active specialists in the IT and web industry

Deployed teams

Soroush Plus Messenger

It is a messenger application that includes features such as video calling, video, and music broadcast at the same time as downloads start, and useful bots, the possibility of comprehensive search in chats

Tebyan Smart Communication Development

"Tebyan Smart Communications Development" complex was established in the middle of May 2009 to provide infrastructure facilities and smart services.

Boresh Academy (affiliated with the Farhang Ghalam Development Model Institute)

This Academy has been started by creative and talented teams of people to create and develop a "public content creation movement".

Avia Accelerator

Avia is a specialized accelerator of aviation industry technologies, which has started to work by using a network of activists, scientific experts

Tanzimyar Technology Studio

Tanzimyar Company has been established to provide useful solutions in the field of technology-based and intelligent regulation. And it tries to improve the country's innovation ecosystem

Alborz Electronic Ideators (Smart Village)

Arad Business Propulsion Institute started to work in 2017 with the gathering of scientific and executive elites of Sharif University of Technology.

Arad Business Propulsion Institute

Arad Business Propulsion Institute started to work in 2017 with the gathering of scientific and executive elites of Sharif University of Technology.
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