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About the collection

The National Elite Foundation operates as a governing body in the field of policy-making and planning for elite communities for the growth and promotion of the Islamic Republic of Iran. One of the tasks of the National Elite Foundation is to empower and involve talented students in Elite Cores. Therefore, this foundation approved the “Problem-focused Elite Cores Award of Martyr Ahmadi-Roshan” to facilitate the educational path of the top Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and doctoral students in the country’s universities and to motivate their presence in the country and create more peace of mind for their studies and scientific activities.

The most important goals and benefits of this program include working under the supervision of experienced professors, forming cohesive teams of talented people, using knowledge in solving community problems, receiving donations, receiving scores in elite activities.

Some of the advantages of this project include the experience of interdisciplinary activities in elite cores and cooperation with talented students from different fields and universities, cooperation in the implementation stages of real projects arising from real issues in industry and society. Also, the other main advantages of this project include the use of the guidance of the project supervisor (sense of joy of learning and progress), the synergy between “student and professor” and between “industry and university”, gaining social skills, increasing self-confidence, responsibility, and social mobility, creating motivation to continue working, starting similar jobs or starting and growing a useful business, as well as increasing trust of executive organizations, scientific centers and the private sector to the elite ones.

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