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About the collection

It has been formed to integrate all components involved in the entrepreneurial process, its development, and identifying the skills and capabilities of the country. It is aimed to take steps to develop entrepreneurship. The following factors are involved in achieving this purpose. These factors include establishing training courses, entrepreneurial events throughout the country, help, guide, and support individuals and teams interested in starting a business, establishing a relationship between idea owners and investors, establishing relationships with universities, and using the knowledge of professors and experts in this field in the market, establishing a relationship between entrepreneurs and start-up business teams with customers and the market, establishing a relationship between job applicants and entrepreneurs, as well as facilitating the process of obtaining business licenses with the help of relevant institutions.  It should be mentioned that many of these items are possible through the creation of the abre zendegi accelerator center, which is a key part of the abre zendegi ecosystem digital production plan.

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